Sustainable Packaging by Omdesign

Omdesign Exhibits The Omdesign 2016 Sustainable Packaging

Omdesign, the designer of the displayed project Omdesign's Omdesign 2016 Sustainable packaging says, To create this self-promotion packaging, Omdesign shaped it as an acorn, the seed of its commitment to the future, while combining 2 Portuguese <Cropped>

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Pepsi Challenge China by Pepsico Design & Innovation

Pepsico Design & Innovation Creates The Pepsi Challenge China Aluminum Can

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the designer of the displayed project Aluminum Can by PepsiCo Design & Innovation points out, The Pepsi Challenge China Can dramatized the spirit of the Pepsi challenge campaign in which “Pepsi Ambassadors” <Cropped>

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Office by Juze Yang

Juze Yang Spotlights The Zhongjing Financial Center Office

Juze Yang, the lead designer of the displayed work Office by Juze Yang spells out, When people create environment, the environment also makes people. In the light of the booming, day-and-night bustling and fiercely competitive financial markets, the <Cropped>

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Poizo by Adam Miklosi and Daniel Fekete

Adam Miklosi and Daniel Fekete Shares The Poizo Smart Space Heater

Adam Miklosi and Daniel Fekete, the author of the highlighted project Adam Miklosi and Daniel Fekete's Poizo Smart space heater explicates, Poizo is an infrared space heater equipped with smart technology that can project heat precisely and accu <Cropped>

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Rescue Bridge by Giorgio Gaudio

Giorgio Gaudio Reveals The Oversafe Rescue Bridge

Giorgio Gaudio, the creator of the award winning work Rescue Bridge by Giorgio Gaudio says, The project has been delineated upon the observation of methods of transport for migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. The trans-ship appears to be one of the mo <Cropped>

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Award Winning Möbius Loop Production Office of Unbot Office

Prism Design Exhibits The Möbius Loop Production Office of Unbot Office

Prism Design, the project leader of the displayed design Award Winning Möbius Loop Production Office of Unbot Office says, unbot is information technology service company. Therefore in this design they used the "infinity"concept of Mobius <Cropped>

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Thinkpad X1 Tablet by Lenovo Design Group

Lenovo Design Group Shows The Thinkpad X1 Tablet Computer

Lenovo Design Group , the thinktank behind the highlighted project ThinkPad X1 Tablet by Lenovo Design Group points out, The ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3’s premium design will evoke delight in business professionals. Its impressive specifications, incl <Cropped>

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Air Lines-aircraft Livery Design by Didier Wolff/Happy Design Studio

Didier Wolff/Happy Design Studio Discloses The Air Lines Aircraft Livery Design

Didier Wolff / HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO, the lead designer of the award winning design Aircraft Livery Design by Didier Wolff / HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO points out, The whole design concept is born from a ceramic tile detail which equips the client’s aircraf <Cropped>

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Office Building by Craft312 Studio

Craft312 Studio Shares The Ipek University Presidency Office Building

Craft312 studio, the maker of the awarded work Ipek University Presidency by Craft312 studio explains, The building has an area of 8500 m2 with consisting of ground floor and four floors. Gallery space is therefore a circular staircase that ends in <Cropped>

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Website Design by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Website Design Lawyer Martin-Hayner Website Design

The lead designer of the highlighted work Website Design Lawyer Martin-Hayner by Acclaimed Designer points out, Lawyer Hayner wants to differ with the Relaunch of his website from other lawyers and presents itself uncomplicated and personal in the we <Cropped>

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