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Ho Kuan Teck is a magnificent designer working hard to make the World a better place with their original and innovative award-winning designs and creations.

Interview with Ho Kuan Teck

Ho Kuan Teck ("HKT") interviewed on Thursday, 12 November.

Could you please tell us about your experience as a designer, artist, architect or creator?

HKT : I'm 3D artist for Movie and Game industry for 16 years, it's my childhood dream to become an artist. I'm also a bag designer since 2014.

How did you become a designer?

HKT : When I create first pattern of embroidery for my mum when I was 14, I wish to become fashion designer.

What are your priorities, technique and style when designing?

HKT : My design style is more on blend the shape and keywords. more like translate abstract to shape. Most of the time I rely to my hand the most when designing, especially when I making bags mock-up by hand.

Which emotions do you feel when designing?

HKT : When I design I felt excited and motivated. Always have unstoppable idea input to my head.

What particular aspects of your background shaped you as a designer?

HKT : My neighbour is one of the person who influence me the most. He is a philosopher, the way he think and the way he live is inspired me and influence me to keep my dream go further as a designer. He always told me we must think out the box and change our mind when stuck in one issue.

What is your growth path? What are your future plans? What is your dream design project?

HKT : I growth in a lower-middle income families, being born in such an environment I have experienced a lot of works, and also meet different peoples. I always dream to become designer when I was very young, I believed designer can create my own life better and live better. I wish to become famous in future, and wish to have more chance to develop more good design. Especially handbag.

What is your day to day look like?

HKT : I always stretch my body like a cat when I wake up and have a rich breakfast after brush teeth and washing my face, this action helped me to be full of energy for a day. Before I start my work, I will watch on jungle image for 5 minutes. All these is very important to me for have enough energy work until mid night.

How do you decide if your design is ready?

HKT : I always double confirm my design before I decide it's ready, I will check is the design is fit to all the note and idea or not.

What is your biggest design work?

HKT : My biggest design work is develop my own leather machine. It is a machine that optimizes the weakness of all machines on the market, and combine all the strong point. This design and development is helped me alot for my product making process

Ho Kuan Teck Profile

Lemniscate  Handbag

Lemniscate Handbag design by Ho Kuan Teck

Totepographic  Tote Bag

Totepographic Tote Bag design by Ho Kuan Teck


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