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Sophia Georgopoulou is a magnificent designer working hard to make the World a better place with their original and innovative award-winning designs and creations.

Interview with Sophia Georgopoulou

Sophia Georgopoulou ("SG") interviewed on Thursday, 13 December.

Could you please tell us about your experience as a designer, artist, architect or creator?

SG : I studied BA (Hons) Graphic Information Design in the University of Westminster (London, UK) and when I came back to Greece I was very fortunate to start my working experience and my career in a worldwide known and awarded branding and design agency in Athens. This was my first job. While I was working there, I realized that I wanted to specialize in branding, logo design, corporate identity and packaging. The last 7 years I work as a freelance graphic designer and I am based in Athens. I am specialized in a series of design fields that include: corporate identity development, logo design, branding, visual communication, illustration & package design while my clients are both of Greek and international origin.

How did you become a designer?

SG : I grew up in Athens in a total artistic environment. My grandfather was an artist and my parents are both architects, so I knew since I was a child that I wanted to do something that would involve art and colors in any way! My childhood dream was to play with colors and brushes…Forever! Becoming a graphic designer was my goal since high school.

What are your priorities, technique and style when designing?

SG : 01. Receive a detailed brief from the client is the most important thing. If the client cannot provide a correct brief, I always send a questionnaire. It is important to know what I am going to design, respect the needs of the project in order to be a successful one (for the client).02. I always do Research of the competition03. Trust how I feel about the project.To me, it is important to be able to design for your client and not (only) for yourself. What is challenging is to be able to combine my aesthetics and knowledge but respecting my clients vision. The designer doesn't design for himself. He designed for the others.

Which emotions do you feel when designing?

SG : I love the part where a project starts. It makes me happy. All the design process makes me happy. My favorite part of this process when after all the research and all drafts I say to myself “This is it!”.I believe that creativity is the ultimate seed for a great work, but strategy and rational thinking are prerequisites for things to 'click'. Every brand or company has a message and a story that needs to be said. I believe that the combination of passion, creativity and aesthetic simplicity do the job every time. My ultimate desire and goal is to inspire people through my work, create emotions and memorable brands, make people smile and try to make them see things in a different perspective.

What particular aspects of your background shaped you as a designer?

SG : Intuition, passion, thinking positive, trust my instinct, thinking with my heart.I believe that all these aspects make me a good working partner that together with my team and the client create unique projects.

What is your growth path? What are your future plans? What is your dream design project?

SG : I want to continue to work on interesting projects and meet unique people (as clients or team members), embrace their messages, make an impact and create emotions. I want to make people happy through my work. My ultimate desire and goal is to continue inspire people through my work, make them smile and try to make them see things in a different perspective. I also woule like to continue working with people and projects from around the world.

What are your advices to designers who are at the beginning of their career?

SG : -Believe in yourself and your talent.-Get personally involved in the project no matter the size of the client.-Don’t think of money when you create. It is a bad influence and it affects your creativity. Work from your heart! -Find your strong points and use them.-Focus on the message and on what truly matters to be communicated.-Embrace the message by creating emotions through your designs.-Don’t copy. Get inspired.

You are truly successful as a designer, what do you suggest to fellow designers, artists and architects?

SG : A design is successful when it meets its clients needs, and at the same time is aesthetically pretty. I admire the designers who make an impact, embrace the message in a unique way and create emotions. Every brand or company has a message and a story that needs to be said. I believe that the combination of passion, creativity and aesthetic simplicity do the job. Be simple and “to the point” and don’t create unnecessary noise.

What is your day to day look like?

SG : First thing in the morning is to go for a big walk with Cookie, my dog! Then I have a big cup of coffee, I go to the gym and then my day starts! Usually I work at home or go to meet my clients, new business meetings etc.. Also if there is a new project involved, I look at inspirational design sites or on Instagram and also my books.

How do you keep up with latest design trends? To what extent do design trends matter?

SG : I do follow fellow designers that I admire their work, in Greece and globaly, I read design books and I try to visit design exhibitions and events as much as I can.

How do you know if a product or project is well designed? How do you define good design?

SG : To me, a succesefull design is when the message of the project is communicated easily and correctly, without unnecessary noise. Keep it simple. Less is more.

How do you decide if your design is ready?

SG : A design is ready when both me and my client are happy and when I meet the briefs requirements in a unique way. When something is eye catching, minimal and to the point.

What is your biggest design work?

SG : I cannot select one work. I love all projects, I put all my effort and my love to every single one of them so I cannot choose.

Who is your favourite designer?

SG : In general I admire the good result of a design and what it makes me feel. I admire the designers who make an impact, embrace the message in a unique way and create emotions. I admire many designers and their work. But one example of a GREAT logo and graphic designer is Alan Fletcher. I love his work! He has been a great inspiration to me.

What positive experiences you had when you attend the A’ Design Award?

SG : My work is more recognisable.NetworkingWorking with people around the globe.Being the Designer of the Day is a great GREAT honour!

Sophia Georgopoulou Profile

Amphora Olympia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Amphora Olympia Extra Virgin Olive Oil design by Sophia Georgopoulou

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Basic Naturals Natural Cosmetics design by Sophia Georgopoulou

Beeopic Honey

Beeopic Honey design by Sophia Georgopoulou


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