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Oron Milshtein is one of the youngest and promised designers in Israel today. Milshtein's work is unique and projecting in the Israeli market. The combination of pop art, modernist clean lines and contemporary design styles, that Milshtein's combines in his works are outstanding in the local Israeli design world. He creates innovate, invigorate experience in the spaces. and bringing a new colored and constructive language and create whit it comfortable and functional space for variety of users. In all of his works the special eclectic design language is extremely dominant.

Interview with Oron Milshtein

Oron Milshtein ("OM") interviewed on Monday, 20 May.

Could you please tell us about your experience as a designer, artist, architect or creator?

OM : I have a B.A in interior design (B.design) in the academic College of Management, one of the most respected institutions in the field in Israel. Since 2009 I have been running an independent office specializing in planning luxury homes and apartments, as well as designing fashion stores, showrooms, luxury residences and homes. As well as the team that works alongside me, I have accumulated rich experience in designing and designing unique projects characterized by originality and uncompromising quality. My signature is expressed in a young style, cheeky, sophisticated and precise. The language of aesthetic design, which is essentially minimalist, I want to break through bold use of colors, textures and interesting original elements that harmonize, giving each project its own uniqueness and a coherent statement. I have been fortunate, along my professional path, to take part in international projects, including cosmetics brand like gold elements and fashion tv stores around the world. Some of them have won international exposure and are famous in the media - local and abroad.

How did you become a designer?

OM : I have been living and breathing the various design professions since I can remember. Aesthetics is a supreme value for me and on which the practical aspect is settled when beauty is the moment when you as an educated creator combine them together. Since i was a young boy I knew and followed the work of the world's largest fashion brands, an area that fascinates me today and helps me create a different envelope.

What are your priorities, technique and style when designing?

OM : I am attracted to the connection between the interior design and the fashion industry and I am interested in innovation and all these elements I make sure to integrate in my projects. I believe that small details and subtleties are as important as the big picture. The goal of each project is to tell a different design image by using a geometrical visualism that breaks the boundaries of the two dimensions, in sophisticated coloration and in the layout that makes the difference, while taking into account the natural light entering in order to create as bright and spacious a space as possible. To create continuity, Oron combined bright, clean and minimalist graphs.

Which emotions do you feel when designing?

OM : I am happy and glad that I had the privilege of doing something that I really love, in a field that even after more than a decade of independent activity I am still excited about every project and I am sure to approach it from a controlled place that examines the macro and micro simultaneously. The structural accents and the planning of practical and efficient spaces are acute, but I believe that the details and the subtleties are equally important. The goal of each project is to tell a different design picture in the landscape that is obtained by using geometrical geometries that break the boundaries of the two dimensions, with sophisticated coloration and in the finalization that makes all the difference.

What is your growth path? What are your future plans? What is your dream design project?

OM : It is important for me above all to continue create quality design and design that stand in the test of time. Even today, that i had in my resume quite a few successes, I know that the secret is never stop, but in continuing to work hard and develop. I have worked over the years quite a few outside of Israel and also work with international companies on projects in Israel (Apple is one example of this). I see myself continuing to create parallel states. I would also be happy to plan hotels. I believe that hotel room planning requires a thorough understanding and the ability to process structural data to create an experience. In contrast to residential spaces, in hotels you can create a different, dramatic and exciting experience for people you do not know and get caught up in the tastes of an endless audience. The aspiration is to succeed in creating spaces that are others that will touch the emotions and make their stay enjoyable and powerful.

What are your advices to designers who are at the beginning of their career?

OM : Never give up, certainly not on challenging projects that can even during the pitfalls, only make you grow and develop. An example of this is my first project as a designer - the SKETCH store in one of Tel Aviv's most prestigious shopping areas, which was new at the time so that the space itself started from scratch. Its trapezoid shape and the small area (34 sq. M. Total) of the space constituted a considerable challenge. I was a freshly graduated graduate of interior design and naturally wanted to realize all the design fantasies. The transition from theoretical to practical was not simple, but I succeeded. This project taught me how to work with professionals, I specialized in the selection of raw materials, I learned about complicated regulations, and I designed carpentry details at a very high-level level.

You are truly successful as a designer, what do you suggest to fellow designers, artists and architects?

OM : create from the heart and not to forget for a moment that our profession prevents the desire without which the chance of the project going out medium is only growing. Since this is a field that only adds and develops, our work base is based more than once on trial and error. I see the need to continue developing, to become familiar with techniques, methods and materials, a great gift. Therefore, the best recommendation I can give is not to surrender and to create generic designs that repeat themselves, but to embrace the challenge with both hands and create a kind. Moreover, connecting people is the key to the project's success. Since it is one of the most important events in a person's life that are accompanied by many fears, emotional strength and happy and exciting moments, it is important to harness people to whom you trust, to work with them to enjoy both the final product and the way to it.

What is your day to day look like?

OM : I wake up at 7 am ,sitting one hour in my balcony with a sea view , that hour is the time when i just sitting and thinking about new concepts for my projects . At 9 am we start to work in the studio ,we have a meting every morning to talk about the projects that we working on it , later i go out for more meeting until 7 pm and sometime more ,but i tried to finish every day i a good restaurant

Who is your favourite designer?

OM : Architect CHRIS PRECHT is above all a multi-disciplinary artist who succeeds in projects he creates to pluck the capillaries of emotion. Its structures also cause those who observe them and those who experience them from within to think, get excited and experience a powerful experience. His conception breaks through the generic and tabloid boundaries and creates something quite different from what we have known. He is undoubtedly a person who thinks outside the box and is astonishing to create a connection between the structure and its dynamic environment, so it makes it a lively, active and present focus. Its structures are icons at the design level and no less important, at the level of the actual performance and the performance.

Would you tell us more about your work culture and business philosophy?

OM : I believe that the reason to create a space for the client that works according to its standards, functions well in every scenario that we thought of because of the planning, and the ones that are not, is the key to success and moving the business forward. I believe that investing in every element of the project is my strength to continue moving forward, to learn, to learn lessons, and to become a better and better designer.

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Milewood residence

Milewood residence design by Oron Milshtein


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