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Miko Lim, graduated from Journalism & Mass Communication and studied design by herself. She won two domestic large-scale design competition awards in the year she was about to graduate, therefore she was invited and become the youngest design lecturer of the institute at the age of 21. In 2010, Miko Creative graphic design and printing company was established. The birth of Miko Creative highlighted the importance of Corporate Identity, saving the drop-off market in Malacca, and allowed designers to have better returns. Always looking for a breakthrough character in the design, she has become a favorite of her clients.

Interview with Miko Lim

Miko Lim ("ML") interviewed on Wednesday, 11 November.

Could you please tell us about your experience as a designer, artist, architect or creator?

ML : I have been a graphic designer since 2006, which has changed my quality of life. The second company I worked in after graduation, Zhizis Publisher was the navigation that led me to the direction of designer life. This company made me find a sense of accomplishment in my design. I am honored to have received the preference and choice of many customers after starting my own business Miko Creative since 2006. This is the most precious motivation for persisting in making breakthroughs.

How did you become a designer?

ML : I have been habitually contributing to painting competitions for publications since I was kid. After graduating from high school, because I thought of the art editor in the publication, I asked the magazine to ask what department to study to be an art editor, and then I went to apply for additional self-study and participate in related competitions. My mother was the first to discover my design talent. She encouraged me to persist in being a designer. She told me that she was proud of my performance in the design world.

What are your priorities, technique and style when designing?

ML : Before designing, I will first understand the client's company positioning and style, and understand its opponent characteristics. Next, I will identify the characteristics of the company and emphasize them in my works to make this a highlight. Normally, I'd hand drafts on A4 paper, after that only modified in Adobe Illustrator.

Which emotions do you feel when designing?

ML : I always have a sense of anticipation when designing. The design process I was most excited is when I find the entry point, this key makes the artwork be a surprise.

What particular aspects of your background shaped you as a designer?

ML : I have loved participating in drawing competitions and hand-made since I was a child. This foundation is very good for working as a graphic designer. In this designer's career, my mother has the greatest influence on me. I have had to give up when a designer, my mother felt sorry for me and asked me to find yourself. I am also grateful that I returned to the field of design for the success that I continued to create later.

What is your growth path? What are your future plans? What is your dream design project?

ML : I really like the story and meaning behind each design. I hope that when you think of loyalty and love, you will think of me, just like the message from this award-winning work. So I hope to make it into pendants and accessories, so that everyone with the same idea as me wants to have it.

What are your advices to designers who are at the beginning of their career?

ML : For designers who are just starting out, I suggest to keep trying and learning, get in touch with different styles and characters, and find the most suitable design direction for them.

You are truly successful as a designer, what do you suggest to fellow designers, artists and architects?

ML : As a professional designer, you may unconsciously stick to your own ideas and ignore the advantages and disadvantages of design for clients. I think from a commercial point of view, if customers are looking for our help, we should also stand on the third party, that is, our customers’ customer perspective and strike a balance between art and practicality.

What is your day to day look like?

ML : Every morning I most enjoy coffee time, carefully prepared nutritious breakfast, this is a good start to my day necessary. I let myself look at beautiful and innovative things every day, which makes me feel that everyone is working hard to make the world a better place. When I am bored, I always want to have a cup of coffee and shop online, which makes me feel very relaxed.

How do you keep up with latest design trends? To what extent do design trends matter?

ML : As long as you care about the world all the time, the works will naturally blend into the times.

How do you know if a product or project is well designed? How do you define good design?

ML : I value the impression and practicality of design. Beautiful design may not be impressive, but impressive design must produce value. Good design should be spread positive education, as much as possible to avoid spread negative energy.

How do you decide if your design is ready?

ML : After the design is complete I will not immediately sent to the customer, usually I will first review of his engaging and attractive. When i feel satisfied, I will continue to be distributed to customers and other projects.

What is your biggest design work?

ML : So far, the design work I am most proud of is SK Joaillerie Corporate Identity. When I searched for the meaning of these two fishes, I wanted to spread the world and remind people who believe in love of its preciousness. Although the client did not work in the jewelry industry in the end, I have already applied for a patent and intend to make this legend truly practice.

Who is your favourite designer?

ML : Apple logo designer Rob Janoff and Starbucks logo designer Terry Heckler. I like the intention to create or extend interesting stories for the logo, which makes me feel that there is infinite intention behind each simple.

Would you tell us a bit about your lifestyle and culture?

ML : I like Europe very much. The architecture of this country is always shocking and produces historical images in my mind. When I do design, I like to listen to music, unlimited types. I think culture does affect a person's design style and uniqueness, which is why there is no final winner in design, only works that go beyond and beyond. After all, the world has become more advanced and beautiful in these tiny transcendences.

Would you tell us more about your work culture and business philosophy?

ML : I have certain requirements for works, so the orders I receive are limited. My job is not easy, it is time-consuming, not every customer can be considerate. I have partners, and I focus on partners who can communicate and run-in, because I am a person who is willing to sacrifice my time to complete client work. Many people who disrespect originality will give us this type of artist language attacks. My task is to know what I do and work hard for those who choose me. This is a must-have for a good designer.

What are your philanthropic contributions to society as a designer, artist and architect?

ML : I mainly contribute to orphanage charity, because the birth of those orphans has no choice, they must be supported. I come from a poor family, when I was kid, I wanted to learn to paint but didn't have the financial means. I could only stand outside the fence and envy the children who could attend the class. I can’t guide every young designers because everyone’s creations are different. The only thing I can do is not to sell too low a price, so that new designers have more price advantages and opportunities.

What positive experiences you had when you attend the A’ Design Award?

ML : A’Design is the first design competition I participated in more than ten years after graduating. It helped me regain my initial motivation! This design competition has greatly increased the recognition of my customers. Having this competition makes me feel like I am back on campus, making extraordinary works more actively, challenging and surpassing my origin. Getting this award make me attention to the quality of the works produced.

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